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Solution Type: Integrated EDI and Warehouse Management

Product:  Software Add on QuikPAK-EDI only

What is integrated EDI and Warehouse Management?

  • ERP Order Integration
  • EDI Order Automation
  • EDI Compliancy based Trading Partner specs
  • EDI ASN Automation

Edisoft and Accellos delivers a “turnkey” integrated EDI and Warehouse Management System platform optimized for your Sage 300 ERP environment.  Companies are under pressure to reduce costs by automating manual processes to increase efficiency and as a result the Merchant QuikPAK™ adapter with Accellos was designed to eliminate costly and wasteful redundancies in a company’s warehouse environment. This combination delivers a standalone, scalable and flexible real-time EDI and warehouse management system.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate re-keying of order and small parcel carrier or LTL services data between EDI and WMS
  • Decreases operational costs as a result of one pick, pack and ship order fulfillment process
  • No customization between Edisoft and Accellos applications
  • Merchant QuikPAK™ adapter is completely scalable and will operate with any size orders and any number of trading partners
  • Supports single or multiple warehouses for increased scalability and flexibility

Elimination of shipping and ASN errors