Tags: Integrated Warehouse Automation & Shipping


Solution Type: Integrated Warehouse Automation

Product: Modular software add on to Merchant QuikPAK™

What is Mobile Scan & Pack?

  • ERP Order Integration
  • Automated picking, packing and shipping of goods with barcode scanning devices such as Motorola symbol scanner or Microsoft Window based tablet

Mobile Scan and Pack is an easily configurable module that can be added to Merchant QuikPAK™  automate the picking or packing process in a warehouse by allowing the scanning of a UPC code, or bar code of a shipment, at virtually any stage. The Scan and Pack software comes with a User license that can run on a handheld device such as a Motorola, Symbol device, iPhone or CE Windows tablet, as well as, a PC Workstation with a tethered scanner-all with the benefit of improving staff productivity and ensuring the accuracy of each and every shipment.