Tags: Value Added Network


Solution Type:  Integrated EDI communications and reporting

Product: Value Added Network (VAN)

What is integrated EDI communications and reporting?

  • Merchant XChange™ is Edisoft’s Value Added Network
  • Transmit and receive any file type (ANSI X.12, Edifact, XML and etc.)
  • Comprehensive application security and business conformity with SLAs committed to 99.5% uptime

Merchant XChange™ is a real time, 24 X 7, fault tolerant Value Added Network service from Edisoft® that allows for the safe, reliable and efficient communications of EDI files with trading partners around the globe. Edisoft’s Merchant XChange™ delivers 99.6% up time guaranteed to retail suppliers and also advanced e-mail notification services, file archiving, self-management portal services with transaction based reporting in one easy to use service.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves processing time through real-time, high-speed connections, faster than traditional VANs
  • Ensures business continuity with auto archiving and tested disaster recovery plans
  • Compatible with multiple communication paths; and provides real-time alerts and reports, and document flow management