Tags: Integrated EDI


Solution Type: Integrated EDI

Product: Merchant™

What is Integrated EDI?

  • ERP Order Integration for Order Management and fulfillment
  • EDI Order Automation
  • EDI compliancy based on trading partner specifications

Edisoft Merchant™ meets the widest range of trading partner EDI requirements with a library of over 1900 trading partner software “Plug in” kits, as well as, software “plug in” GS1 labels and Retail “Drop Shipment” or B2C packing slips . Merchant™ supports flexible communication options to send and receive EDI files (including Direct FTP and Direct AS2). The built in EDI compliance validation engine consistently ensures all inbound and outbound EDI documents are compliant with each trading partner’s very unique EDI specification. Key benefits of Merchant™ are the elimination of manual data entry costs and prevention of non-compliant chargebacks.