Tags: Integrated Warehouse Automation & Shipping


Solution Type: Integrated Warehouse Automation

Product: Merchant QuikPAK™

What is Integrated Warehouse Automation?

  • ERP Order Integration for Order Fulfillment
  • Automated Picking, Packing and Shipment of goods
  • Automated printing of pick lists, packing labels, packing slips and reports

Merchant QuikPAK™ Integrated Warehouse Automation Captures, Creates and Exchanges Order Data to fully automate Picking, Packing & Shipping in your warehouse environment. You can optimize and configure Merchant QuikPAK™ based on specific ERP Order and Shipment Types (For example, DC, Drop Shipment whether cartons or cartons on pallets). Furthermore, Merchant QuikPAK™  can be deployed on a PC Workstation in the front office or back office of a company or a mobile device such a bar code scanner/windows tablet to improve staff productivity. It is designed to deliver optimal ERP order integration throughout the order fulfillment cycle.  Merchant QuikPAK™ can print pick lists with UPC codes for scanning purposes, GS1 compliant shipment labels (both carton and pallet labels), packing slips with branded logos for B2C,and crystal software based reports to provide reporting visibility that combines ERP data, multi-level packing data and carrier data in one easy step.

Merchant QuikPAK™ includes 5 stages to automate picking, packing and shipment of goods in your warehouse:

  1. Order Prioritization & Promotion
  2. Picking of Orders
  3. Packing of Order/Shipment
  4. Printing of pick lists, packing labels/packing slips
  5. Shipment completion


  1. Merchant QuikPAK’s Order Prioritization and Promotion/Waving
  • Synchronizes order(s) in real time across a single or multiple  warehouses
  • Prioritizes orders by requested ship date
  • Combines multiple orders as one shipment by ship-to location in the ERP
  • Filters orders specific to each warehouse locations by assigned users
  1. Merchant QuikPAK’s Picking of Orders
  • Identifies inventory items and quantities for picking
  • Allocates inventory for packing
  • Configurable options available based on existing warehouse pick practices I.e. creation of pick lists, or wireless and RF barcode scanning devices
  • Fully compatible with “Musical Runs” as applied within the apparel industry
  1. Merchant QuikPAK’s Packing of Orders/Shipments
  • Supports multi-level and “Virtual” packing based on pre-set rules defined by customer or item
  • Automatically assigns items to containers, cartons to pallets
  • Automatically generates and assigns serialized shipping container codes for all containers
  • Supports Lot Numbers and Expiry Dates for containers based on data available from the ERP or by manual entry
  • Automatically calculates container and shipment weights
  • Fully compatible with “Musical Runs” as applied within the apparel industry
  • Short ships backorder items
  • Configurable options available based on existing warehouse pack practices i.e. creation of pack lists, or wireless and RF bar code scanning devices
  1. Merchant QuikPAK’s Print Engine for pick slips, packing labels and reports
  • Prints labels with serialized bar code
  • Creates unique container license plates
  • Assigns unique label formats per customer
  • Provides built in reports such as VICS BOL, Packing Lists, Pick Lists, Master BOL

Merchant QuikPAK™ can be configured to print before the picking, packing and shipment stage to best fit your warehouse operations.

Merchant QuikPAK™ includes a print engine with a wide range of fonts compatible with Zebra, Monarch and many other brands of label printers to produce GS1 shipping labels “4 X 6”, “DVS” or “Drop Shipment” packing slips and BOL (Bill of Lading) documents. In addition, reports from Merchant™ and Merchant QuikPAK™ can be printed as required.

  1. Merchant QuikPAK’s Shipment Configuration
  • Automation of the sales order details such as customer name, ship from, ship to, ship date with packing data generated by QuikPAK such as carton/pallet serialized shipping container code, container and shipment weights to the carrier with no rekeying
  • Automated receipt of carrier service, pro number, tracking number, freight cost and measured weights using electronic scales into QuikPAK and the ERP
  • Printing of small parcel carrier labels
  • Printing of LTL carrier’s bill of lading
  • Email notification to the end user upon dispatch of the shipment